Foreign trade issues

Wherever we can support our member companies in their daily work, we are happy to get involved. The WGA is very well connected in all matters of foreign trade and supports the member companies efficiently and promptly. Whether questions about foreign trade law, customs regulations, A1-certificates or sustainability need to be clarified - we provide the answers.


Sustainability in the supply chain is currently becoming increasingly important. The WGA has been providing intensive support to its member associations and member companies in this field for 25 years. Examples are industry-related standard-setting processes, addressing and sensitising upstream suppliers, information events and the creation of exchange forums, and above all the involvement of member interests in legislative projects. In the course of the implementation of the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights and the impending adoption of a German Supply Chain Act and a European Due Diligence Regulation, companies and also the WGA will be faced with considerable new tasks in this area.

Foreign Trade Law

The freedom of foreign trade is a key prerequisite for flourishing foreign trade. Increasingly differentiated sanction regulations and correspondingly increased compliance requirements are a major challenge, especially for medium-sized companies. Because these result in a considerable administrative effort and often uncertainty regarding the legitimacy of business activities. In the interests of our members, we lobby for feasible regulations that can be implemented in practice - for example, in the reform of the European Dual-Use Regulation, advise members on the application of export control regulations and offer training and information events.

Customs law

Whether active pharmaceutical ingredients are imported from China or machine parts are exported to Africa - companies in wholesale and foreign trade depend on a functioning customs administration. A speedy, practice-oriented handling of the flow of goods in import and export is an essential concern of our member companies. Ensuring smooth customs clearance, especially in Hamburg as a business location, is therefore a key issue for the WGA. We are in close contact with the port industry associations, the customs administration and the economic authority on customs issues and participate in joint committees. Here many important matters have been verbalised and successfully brought up for discussion, such as increasing personnel resources for customs clearance or the widespread acceptance of a future "one stop shop" system for efficient clearance from countries outside the EU. Due to its professional expertise, the WGA is a competent contact not only in basic customs matters, but also supports its member companies and member associations in concrete questions, such as the correct tariff classification of goods.

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