ZVN - Association of Natural Casings

Objectives of association

The Association of Natural Casings is concerned with the protection and promotion of the professional concerns and interests of member companies involved in the worldwide import, export and processing of natural casings.


For over 2,000 years, natural casings have been used as a natural and sustainable casing for sausage products of all kinds. 'Packaged' in natural casing, each sausage takes on an individual profile. Today, the natural casing trade is a modern branch of the food industry, with Germany playing an important role as a global hub for the trade worldwide. In 2019, the companies based here traded more than 225,000 tons of goods in imports and exports. The Association of Natural Casings has represented the interests of German specialist companies since 1947 and works closely with the relevant trade associations at both European and international level. The members of the ZVN employ around 6,000 people and are active worldwide.

The Association of Natural Casings is a member of ENSCA, the European Natural Sausage Casings Association.

Key activities

The association is active for the members mainly in the following fields:

  • Close cooperation with ministries and authorities
  • Monitoring of legal developments
  • Veterinary questions regarding import and export
  • Informing members about changes in food legislation
  • Initiation of the image campaign "Save the sausage heritage”

Heike Molkenthin, Heike Molkenthin Natural Casings


Secretary General

Lisann Bauer

Executive Assistant

Ramona Eyrich


Phone: +49 40 236016-14
Fax: +49 40 236016-10

Email: zvn@wga-hh.de


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