DKGV - German Association of Traders in Herbs and Spices

Objectives of association

DKGV consists of companies at different economic levels, i.e. manufacturing, wholesale retail and market trade.


In addition to tea and herbal tea, spice blends and spice preparations are also becoming increasing popular among consumers. Various companies of this association sell teas and spice specialities through retail or market trade, online trade has also gained importance in recent years. Others are active as manufacturers, packers and bottlers, also as contract processors or contract manufacturers of special product lines for distributors, who in turn offer their products regionally, nationwide or in the neighbouring EU area. The association has its significance not least as a link between the various economic levels from manufacturers to retail trade.

Key activities

The German Association of Traders in Herbs and Spices deals with various specialist issues, some of which are of a pharmaceutical and food law nature, but due to the special nature of its membership structure, also extend into the area of trade law and competition law regulations. In the foreground are:

  • Demarcation questions between drugs, food and cosmetics
  • Maximum residue levels, contaminants, pollutants in food
  • Pharmacopoeia regulations, monographs
  • Guidelines for tea and tea-like products as well as spices
  • Labelling of food according to EU food information regulation
  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Issues related to advertising, pricing, fair competition.

Torsten Skubich, Hamburg


Secretary General

Atty. Lutz Düshop

Manager Scientific Affairs

Björn-Darjusch Buchmann

Executive Assistant

Stephanie Mansmann


Phone: +49 40 236016-25
Fax: +49 40 236016-10


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