EFEO - European Federation of Essential Oils

Objectives of association

Representing the interests of importers, wholesalers and producers of essential oils, particularly as suppliers to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


Essential oils and related products are obtained in the countries of origin worldwide by distillation or extraction from plant materials. They are basic components for the products of important industries both within and outside the EU. They are mainly used for the production of substances for flavouring food, fragrance components for cosmetic industry products and in the manufacture of detergents. Essential oils and the fragrances as well as fragrances derived from them are used in many forms in end products, such as flavoured food, perfume, detergents and room spray. The association's companies operate at different economic levels and represent a considerable part of the value-added chain: They are, on the one hand, the manufacturers of essential oils in the EU and in the most important non-European countries of origin, on the other hand the importers and exporters of these raw materials, but also industrial processors from the flavour and fragrance industry and manufacturers of cosmetic end products.

Key activities

Lobbying for appropriate EU regulations and handling of all technical, scientific and legal questions in the field of essential oils, general promotion of the product group of essential oils as a raw material for the cosmetics industry, flavouring industry and other areas of use; regular information for members on subject-specific questions, legislative proposals and scientific topics. One of the focal points of the work was and is the practical implementation of the EU chemicals regulation "REACH". More and more, other industry topics are coming to the fore,
such as sustainability issues.

(a total of 9 associations from various EU member states and 78 individual companies from EU countries, Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Laos, Morocco, Egypt, Australia, Moldova, Switzerland, Great Britain, and the USA)

Manolo Donaire Alliët, Berje Inc., Spain


Secretary General

Atty. Lutz Düshop

Executive Assistant

Stephanie Mansmann


Phone: +49 40 236016-25
Fax: +49 40 236016-10

Email: secretariat@efeo.eu


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