FFH - Trade Association for fibres, feathers, hair and products thereof

Objectives of association

The association is responsible for the protection and promotion of the professional concerns and interests of member companies involved in the import of raw feathers and down for the bedspring industry, the import of bristles for the production of brushes and paintbrushes and the import of horsehair and various braiding materials for a wide range of industrial uses. In addition, finished products such as sleeping bags, down jackets, paintbrushes and other brushes, DIY products etc. are imported. Some of the members also include manufacturers of brushes, paintbrushes, semi-finished products as well as raw materials and synthetic fibres.


Consumers are familiar with products containing products from this association, mostly in the form of duvets, pillows, down jackets or sleeping bags: The specialised import companies take care of the procurement of down and feathers, mainly from China or Eastern Europe, which are then processed into finished consumer products in the EU at further economic stages. They also import coarse and fine animal hair as well as bristles from various countries of origin, which are processed in the EU, e.g. into industrial brushes. For years now, not only raw materials but also finished products have been imported, such as down-filled quilts or paint and cosmetic brushes.

Key activities

In the foreground are:

  • Preferential customs regulations, customs law, customs
  • Import regulations, foreign trade law, product liability
  • Quality of delivery, especially for imports from China and Eastern
  • Questions concerning veterinary law, residue contamination of
    raw materials and finished products
  • Anti-dumping procedure for finished products
  • Other technical questions and information on new legal

Christian Hansen, H.H. Hansen GmbH, Hamburg


Secretary General

Atty. Lutz Düshop

Executive Assistant

Ramona Eyrich


Phone: +49 40 236016-14

Fax: +49 40 236016-10

Email: ffh@wga-hh.de

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