GfTW - German Tea Council

Objectives of association

The German Tea Council has been working together with the German tea industry and the "Tea Boards" (the highest tea authorities) of the producing countries India, Kenya and Sri Lanka for almost 70 years. Its purpose is to promote and maintain the sale and consumption of tea in Germany through advertising, market research and in any other way.


Founded in 1954 by the German Tea Association and the Tea Boards of India and Sri Lanka, the German Tea Council has since then pursued the goal of educating consumers in this country about the correct preparation of tea and the benefits of tea consumption, with the ultimate aim of increasing consumption. In the meantime, the scope of responsibility has
been extended to all products in the "tea" category - but the original mission has not changed.  

With an annual per capita consumption of around 70 litres in total, black and green tea, herbal and fruit tea are considered one of the most popular beverages in Germany, not least because of their natural character and the almost limitless ways of enjoyment.

Key activities

The German Tea Council has set itself the goal of promoting the image of tea (Camellia sinensis, L.O. Kuntze) in Germany. This is done primarily through public relations work, especially in the form of information for the media, market information, sales promotion information, consumer education and circulars to the affiliated tea shops. These specialist tea shops are supported in all technical matters. In addition, the German Tea Council also directly answers enquiries from media representatives and consumers on the subject of tea.

Tea speciality shops

Frank Schübel, Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf


Managing Director

Maximilian Wittig

Executive Assistant

Nicole Krämer

Executive Assistant

Pia-Doreen Lau


Phone: +49 40 236016-34
Fax: +49 40 236016-10


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