HTL - Associaton of German import wholesalers of resin, turpentine oil and paint raw materials

Objectives of association

The job of the association is to protect and promote the special professional interests and concerns of traditional importers of products such as resins, gums, raw materials for lacquers and related products.


Gum arabic and other natural gums are obtained from tree resins and imported from the countries of origin by the specialised companies of this association. These gums are indispensable additives for the food industries, where they are used as emulsifiers, thickeners and stabilizers. They are also used as auxiliary substances in the production of pharmaceuticals or in the animal feed sector. In some cases, further industrial processing also takes place. For example, the imported gum arabic is processed in spray towers for further industrial use, for example in the food sector. The companies also import and supply other substances required in the food industry such as guar gum or rosin for various technical applications.

Key activities

The HTL focuses on questions of both chemicals law and problems in the field of food law. Against the background of the very different products traded in association area, topics from various fields are in the foreground, in particular

  • Food hygiene
  • Food additives, purity criteria
  • Maximum residue levels
  • Regulations on hazardous substances
  • All questions specific to foreign trade.

Thorsten Hauser, Willy Benecke GmbH, Hamburg


Secretary General

Atty. Lutz Düshop

Manager Scientific Affairs

Björn-Darjusch Buchmann

Executive Assistant

Julia Zimmermann


Phone: +49 40 236016-13

Fax: +49 40 236016-10


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