VAB - Association of Export Breweries in North, West and Southwest Germany

Objectives of association

The association, founded in 1946, aims to maintain and promote the export interests of the affiliated member breweries based in the entire area of the Federal Republic of Germany (outside Bavaria). In particular, the VAB is responsible for supporting and advising its members in all export matters and representing their interests towards state institutions at national and European level as well as third countries.


The export of German beer has increased significantly in the last three decades. The export quota has now reached 17 %. Thirty years ago, the sales markets were mainly in Europe with focus on the German holiday regions on the Mediterranean, but today the industry’s exports are much more diversified and more geared toward third countries outside the EU. China is now the second largest sales market after Italy. Exports to Russia and South Korea have also developed very dynamically in recent years. In the past ten years, the share of third country deliveries in total exports has more than doubled to over 52 %. The German brewing industry has benefited decisively from the EU’s free trade agreements and has proven to be an extremely competitive sector on international markets.

Key activities

Representation to national and EU institutions, governmental and

administrative bodies in third countries

  • Labelling and packaging law
  • Trade and customs policy as well as tax law
  • Food and beer law
  • Effective implementation of the common internal market
  • Market access and non-tariff barriers to trade.


  • Regular current newsletter service
  • Comprehensive statistical reporting
exporting brewery groups and breweries

Andreas Oster, Karlsberg-Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG, Homburg


Secretary General

Dr. Rodger Wegner

Executive Assistant

Julia Reckel


Phone: +49 40 236016-16

Fax: +49 40 236016-10


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