VDC - Association of companies involved in drug and chemical wholesale and foreign trade (Drug and Chemical Association)

Objectives of association

Protection and promotion of the professional concerns and interests of member companies involved in the import, export, transit trade and productions of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials, food supplements, additives, essential oils and herbal raw materials (drugs) for pharmaceutical and food use.


Worldwide different economic sectors use raw materials and primary products that have been imported or exported by VDC companies. In addition to the classical industrial chemicals these are mainly the active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients for the manufacture of drugs. Herbal raw materials are also imported on a large scale for use in traditional pharmaceuticals, procured for use in the food sector or, in some cases, processed into the final product. Globally active companies in the cosmetic and food industries use essentials oils and flavourings that have been procured or already further processed by companies in this association. The companies also serve the steadily growing market for dietary supplements, for example with herbal extracts. The companies are predominantly medium-sized companies with decades of experience in global foreign trade and are positioned to master the demanding regulatory challenges, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.

Key activities

Due to the different products, the focus is on questions from various areas, e.g. „REACH“, hazardous substance-related regulations, safety data sheets, hazardous goods transport regulations, water hazard classifications, pharmaceutical regulations, pharmacopoeia regulations, requirements for active pharmaceutical ingredients, good manufacturing practice and good distribution practice, food hygiene, additive regulations, requirements for food supplements, maximum residue levels, contaminants, foreign trade in raw materials requiring monitoring, export control regulations and questions relating to the Chemical Weapons Convention.


Philipp Titulski, Transo-Pharm-Handels-GmbH, Siek


Secretary General

Atty. Lutz Düshop

Manager Scientific Affairs

Björn-Darjusch Buchmann

Manager Scientific Affairs

Dr. Marina Panten

Executive Assistant

Julia Zimmermann


Phone: +49 40 236016-13

Fax: +49 40 236016-10

Email: vdc@wga-hh.de


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